The Airguides Story

Discover what led us to turn travel into purposeful journeys.

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Igniting Your Sense of Adventure

Who makes you think, I've got to get out there? Maybe it's that audacious chef you saw on TV, travelling the world in search of the best food, a photographer whose shots make even the ordinary look extraordinary, or a deep-sea scientist uncovering ocean mysteries? For our founders Bibi and Paul, a chance meeting with one of the greatest natural historians in the wilds of Borneo was the catalyst that brought Airguides to life. From that moment, we knew that anything was possible. We exist to create unique storytelling experiences with the most captivating people on Earth, guiding you on adventures that are purposeful and far from the beaten path.

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Travel as a Force for Good

In a world craving authentic experiences, we don't just design trips; we shape narratives that respect and enrich both you AND the communities and places you visit. Because at Airguides, we fundamentally believe that how we travel matters. We're united in our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that each adventure not only leaves you with unforgettable memories but also makes a positive impact on the world around us.